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Wilma has been coaching clients in corporate classrooms since 1980. As president of Davidson & Associates, she has advised a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, educational groups, government agencies, and professional organizations on the written and oral communication challenges confronting them.

In addition to helping others handle their page and stage fright, to coaching better writing and speaking success in the workplace, to ghostwriting and editing for others, she has taught these topics on the undergraduate and graduate college levels.

Over the years her work has been featured in prominent publications and along with her published articles on a variety of topics, she has authored and co-authored several books on the art of communicating well.

Wilma earned a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Connecticut, a Master's in English Education from the State University of New York, a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in Journalism from American International College, and a doctorate from Rutgers University where she was one of the first scholars to earn a doctorate by examining the types of writing unique to business.

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