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Professor's Business Writing Guide Translated into Chinese
by Staff 
Sarasota Magazine, December, 2018

A Taiwanese company recently published a translation of Business Writing: What Works, What Won’t by University of South Florida professor Wilma Davidson.

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Are you making one of these 4 common business writing mistakes?
by Gwen Moran
Fast Company, December, 2018

Writing well can be difficult even for those who do it professionally. The English language is rife with opportunities to use the wrong words, punctuation, syntax, or style. And while some might shrug off an inability to communicate in writing as no big deal, others say it matters more than you might think.

USF Scene Research

USF Sarasota-Manatee Researchers Study How to Improve Workplace Writing
by Scene
Sarasota Scene Magazine, July, 2018

Millennials hold a slightly higher opinion of their writing ability than do older working professionals, although fewer than half of all workplace writers believe they write well, according to surveys by Wilma Davidson, EdD, and two colleagues at USF Sarasota-Manatee.

Davidson and her fellow researchers suggest the solution might lie in giving high school teachers dedicated training to teach writing more effectively.

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