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From CEOs to college students, here's a sampling of the results our clients have achieved through our work with them.


The CEO of a billion dollar technology company delivered thought-provoking and motivating speeches about how companies, educators and students can be prepared for the workplace of the New Millennium — and enjoyed the distinction of having them reprinted in Vital Speeches of the Day and The Executive Speaker.


The market manager of a leading consumer products company attended a tailored business writing workshop, followed it with a persuasive customer letter — and created opportunities for national distributions that, in turn, revitalized an ailing product line.



Members of the technical staff in a Fortune 100 communications technology company prepared clear documentation and engaging presentations on technical innovations for delivery at global conferences — and they did so in less time and with added confidence.



The senior management team of an international consumer products company prepared and delivered individual strategy presentations that consistently aligned with corporate objectives — and not only received kudos from corporate officials but also budget approval to achieve their yearly goals.



A stellar performing vice president in a Fortune 500 company overcame his fear of presenting to the CEO after delivering a few less-than-stellar presentations — and turned the situation around, paving the way for continued career growth and promotions.



A customer service manager raised the bar on her department's productivity and quality requirements and asked us to boost the department's speed, clarity, and creativity when responding to customer complaints and comments. Mission accomplished — lifelong customers created and maintained through personalized, compelling, and correct letters and emails.


A college-bound senior was eager to stand out amidst thousands of other students across the country — and did so with our coaching, by writing a thoughtful — and original — application essay that helped secure admission to her first choice Ivy League school and an impressive list of back ups.

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